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New: the CWM - 1300 - H pagoda tube automatic production line

This pagoda tube automatic production Iine of innovative technology, configuration of computer numerical control operation, simplify the production process, and USES the high qua Iity material, improve the service Iife of the parts, carefully research and development. Will significantly enhance mechanical running stability, reduce the operating personnel of mechanical maintenance, after improved manufacturing reached leading level at home and abroad.

Its advantages:

Two, the mechanical manufacturing after the improvement, can great Iy increase the paper to use, such as base paper in the original old type per ton machine production, such as 14000, finished products after improvement technology, can produce 15400, a 10% increase in the finished paper tube, an increase in the average about 1400 only, without changing the look of the paper tube weight and qua Iity standards.

Three, will send a piece of paper, brush glue, blanking, instead of computer numerical control, make the paper smooth, brush the glue, reduce mechanical parts wear and tear, so as to increase the service Iife, the environment clean.

Four, after improvement, in terms of electricity, reduce 40%, minus the high pressure fan, cutter motor, motor, send waste motor, thus reducing the noise of the machine operation.

Five, after using this new process, the production line running stability is greatly increased, but also great Iy reduce the failures of mechanical operation, improve the running speed, and increase product qua Iity and appearance is smooth level off, the winding of paper tube, high strength, good roundness, elastic.

Six, this production line can achieve reduce the production cost, for paper tube production enterprise in market competition to get a seat.

The ascension of the dryer:

Seven, now the dryer in heating parts, the original use electric heating, we use new type of hot blast stove temperature heating, if use hot blast stove, can reduce electricity, reduce the cost. 50-60 kg coal used in eight hours, the average heat from 50 to 80 ° , and automatically control the temperature. To reduce the cost of drying, the average 8 hours can save electricity, 170 yuan.

New type of automatic finishing roughening machine: the CWM - 1300 - H

One, the production of cotton spinning pagoda yarn tube paper tube is the most important of appearance, length is consistent, is smooth and rounded head, pressing line is clear, uniform hair, paper tube big round, smooth incision, paper tube elastic characteristics such as high strength.

Second, the new automatic finishing hair machine, process flow and features:

With one shaft holding the head, v-shaped mouth, uniaxial roughcast, wire, tube, counting series etc.

Advantages: stable running, 45 to 50 per minute, hold the head length, head level off is smooth and clear hair evenly, neat line pressing, in this paper tube and can be compared with Kang Feng appearance.

Four, this new design process, the technology innovation, operation stability, maintenance is simple, is a production of pagoda tube processing after the best combination.

At the same time, in my xinfeng company purchase system of automatic pagoda tube production Iine, our company can give provide old machine improved upgrade the new process. After the improvement, can improve the utilization rate was 10%, and the paper shorten the paper size is 240 mm. After the upgrade, every tons of paper can increase about 1400 of the finished paper tube, paper tube in the current production reaching the highest utilization rate of paper, also can improve product qua Iity and production speed

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