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Established in 1993, Xinfeng Paper Tube Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer to produce series paper tube equipment, integrating design, manufacturing, sales and services into one. Its products cover over 30 varieties of such equipment as raw paper slitter, spiral parallel tube machine, finish cutting machine and paper tube post finish processing production line, etc, as well as it can design and manufacture various kinds of special paper tube equipment, the products produced by this paper tube machinery are widely used, which are applied to various industries such as papermaking, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, textile, tape, mulch film, electric power, carpet and food packaging, etc.

With strong technical strength, good production equipment, perfect detection means and outstanding management level, the company relies on technical progress, brings in high-technology and devotes itself to researching and developing new product and technical transformation. With perfect sales network and after-sales services system, its products are sold to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other countries. The company always insists on the management concept of ''honesty-oriented and taking quality as the center", advancing with the times and engaging in exploitation and innovation and is deeply trusted by numerous customers

Xinfeng Machinery, with exquisite craftsmanship and scientific automation equipment, will go farther and longer.

Application and classification of paper tubes

With economic development, the usage and quantity of paper tubes has relevantly increased, for convenience of clients to have a deeper understanding of the paper tube industry, according to industrial applications, the paper tubes are classified as follows:

Paper tubes for chemical fiber industry:

DTY tubes, POY tubes, FDY tubes, chinlon tubes, spandex tubes and spandex covered yarn tube Thin-film industrial tubes

BOPP,PET,PVC,BOPA and CPP, agricultural mulch film tubes, tubes for preservative film, wrapping film and poly bag, aluminum laminated film, electrical capacitance film, propylene and cigarette film, etc.

Tubes for printing industry

Mainly used in web-fed printing, film printing and paper printing, etc.

Tubes for paper making industry:

Dozens of specifications such as newsprint, bobbin paper, white board paper, fax paper, register paper, tipping paper, aluminum foil paper, writing paper, colored parchment, cup paper, Tetra Fino paper and others.

Tubes for leather industry

PU leather, real leather and carpet leather, etc.

Tubes for food packaging

Tea tins, potato chip cans, candy jar, salt shaker and cake box caddy, etc.

Tubes for metallurgical industry and building industry, tubes instead of shell plate, tubes for exhibition industry and cylinder paper tube

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